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MNCS active Community Solar Gardens.

Novel CSG of WInona

A true Community Solar Garden. The subscribers are friends, family and neighbors. It was an exciting project to go live, as it was one of the first CSGs entered in the program back in 2014!

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Twin Pine Farm CSG

The Twin Pine Farm CSG is located in Scandia, MN. It's subscribers are friends and family.

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Bethel Lutheran Church Community Solar Garden

MNCS partnered with Bethel Lutheran Church to construct a 36 KW solar system on the roof of their church.

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Faircon Service Company & Commercial Kitchen Services Solar Garden

This 123 KW Community Solar Garden offsets the energy usage of the company's employees, their families and other local businesses.

St. Paul, MN

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Buhl Family Farms Community Solar Garden

MNCS partnered with the Buhl family to build a 250 KW Commmunity Solar Garden to power local farms and homes with solar energy.

Tyler, MN

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Vetter Family Farm Community Solar Garden

This is the first S*RC Community Solar Garden in the state of Minnesota.

Kasota, MN

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