Minnesota Community Solar is leading a solar revolution. This is solar for everyone.

Subscriptions are now available for the Gaylord Community Solar Garden in Sibley County.

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Generating your electricity with clean, renewable energy has never been easier or more affordable. All you need is an electric bill and a desire to be the change you wish to see in the world.

We’ve already sold out the first two community solar gardens in Xcel’s territory—with many more to come. Participate in the next project here.

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We are made in Minnesota.

Whenever possible, Minnesota Community Solar uses Minnesota solar panels, Minnesota labor, and Minnesota financing. We live here, we work here, and our roots in Minnesota matter to us.

We’ve made solar simple.

Minnesota Community Solar is a new way to do solar. We build large arrays in ideal locations to collect solar energy, and you benefit from economies of scale. Subscriptions to that power benefit you as positive credits on your electricity bill every month. Maintenance and insurance is all part of your subscription. We take care of all the technical stuff. This is solar for everyone.

solar array


With Minnesota Community Solar, you can now produce solar power without having to install panels on your home or business.

A community solar garden is a large solar array where many people can purchase subscriptions to clean, solar energy generation, right in their community.

Ours deliver reliable solar power to the electric grid, using Minnesota labor, Minnesota financing, and Minnesota-made products whenever possible.

Maintenance and insurance are part of your subscription. We take care of the technical stuff.

Anyone with an electric bill—a person, business, nonprofit, or municipality—can subscribe.

We’ve made solar simple.


A leaf is the unit of your subscription with Minnesota Community Solar.

We’ll help you figure out the perfect number of leaves for you, whether you want to subscribe with just one leaf, or cover all your electricity with solar energy—for 25 years.

Clean, solar energy goes to the grid, and you receive credit right on your electric bill. Your solar credit rate goes up with Xcel’s rate.

When you move, your subscription moves with you. Or you can transfer it.

Increase your energy independence, reduce your carbon footprint, and save 20–30% on your electricity bill over the length of your subscription.

This is solar for everyone.


When you subscribe to just one leaf of our community solar garden, you eliminate the production of nearly 11,325 pounds of CO2 emissions over the life of your leaf.

That’s the equivalent of eliminating the emissions you would create by driving 12,225 miles.

In order to absorb that much carbon dioxide, you would have to plant 1,325 trees.

Generating clean, local solar energy also avoids sulfur, nitrogen oxide, mercury, and soot—the same chemical compounds that cause acid rain, birth defects, and asthma.

But it’s easy to make a difference. We’ve made solar simple.
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